"Ensuring compliance through integrated accountability"
Welcome to Bitsware

Bitsware is an integrated data manipulation platform that integrates with any financial, human resource and procurement system to create an elevated compliance environment for the management, reporting and consequence management within the public sector environment.

(bits*)-ware = *a bit (short for "binary digit") which is the smallest
unit of measurement used to quantify computer data.

Bitsware functionality

Bitsware functions on a one way integration of data between, financial, human resource and procurement information to establish a database for the management, reporting and consequence management of unauthorised, fruitless and irregular expenditure. The added benefit with Bitsware is that a contract management and commitment register can also be extracted from the applicable data. The integrated database establish a three tire functionality:

Data evaluation

Unauthorised . Irregular . Fruitless expenditure
Contract Management . Commitments


Unauthorised register for disclosure . Irregular expenditure register for disclosure . Fruitless expenditure register for disclosure . Commitments register for disclosure . Non-compliance reporting

Consequence management

Condonement . Write-off . Recovery

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